Container transport

Container transport

All about the transport of Risto containers

Container transport

Container transport

We organize transport via freight forwarder to your location. If you wish, we can also arrange the crane. Naturally, there must be suitable access.

Additionally, we provide you with a foundation plan to assist in creating a stable foundation for the container. Alternatively, a leveled gravel bed also serves as a suitable base for the container.


Support plan and substrate

When the container goes into production, a foundation plan is prepared accordingly.

You can either create a foundation surface (in the form of a full, strip, or point foundation) based on this plan or alternatively prepare a leveled gravel bed as the foundation for the container (compacted, load-bearing, and leveled with a maximum tolerance of ±0.5cm).

Europe-wide transport

We deliver your desired container throughout Europe, quickly and reliably.

To keep transport costs as low as possible, individual container modules must not exceed a width of 3 meters. However, the final overall construction can still be of any size or width.

Your Benefits
Reliable and Fast

Reliable, fast, worry-free. We deliver the container right to your property.

Years of Experience

We have delivered many containers over the years. We are happy to organize this for you.

Cost-Effective Transport

We transport multiple containers at once. You benefit from the low transportation costs.

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