Risto Farm shop container

Risto Farm shop container

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Your own vending machine farm shop

Our vending machine container in a modern design catches everyone's eye. The sales container is perfectly tailored to your vending machines and invites your customers to shop even in bad weather. Up to 4 vending machines can be set up in the container. You can optionally add a small storage room. This is built into the shop container with partition walls.

Farm shop container - Holiday park Thüle

Holiday park Thüle

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Farm shop container

The Oßwald family in Günding

Farm shop container

Poultry farm Frey in Pfaffenhofen

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Farm shop container

Lüders in Alvern

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Discover the unlimited possibilities with the Risto container configurator! In this explanatory video, we take you step by step through the process of how you can easily design your perfect office container on screen.

With our configurator, you can create a space that is precisely tailored to your needs. Our user-friendly configurator allows you to make changes in real time and immediately see what your office container will look like. Experiment with different layouts, colours and features to create the perfect workspace.

If the container in the configurator meets your expectations, you can calculate the price. and have the price calculated. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us!

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Farm shop containers: sales solutions for farms

Farm shop containers are innovative sales solutions that offer agricultural businesses an attractive opportunity to market their products directly on site. These mobile sales units enable farms to offer their customers fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and dairy products without having to build complex and expensive shop premises. Below you can find out more about the advantages and possible uses of farm shop containers and what you should look out for when setting up your own farm shop.

Advantages of farm shop containers

Farm shop containers offer numerous advantages for agricultural businesses. Thanks to their mobility, they can be set up flexibly and moved to another location if necessary. This enables farms to offer their products directly at the edge of the field, at weekly markets or at events and thus reach a larger customer group. In addition, farm shop containers are comparatively inexpensive to purchase and do not require any long-term investment in property.

Possible uses of farm shop containers

Farm shop containers are suitable for various applications in the direct marketing of agricultural products. They can be used as an independent sales stand on the farm premises to serve customers directly on site. They can also be used as mobile units to be present at different locations, for example at weekly markets, trade fairs or festivals. Farm shop containers therefore offer a flexible and versatile solution for marketing agricultural products.

Equipment and design of farm shop containers

There are various aspects to consider when setting up a farm shop in a container. In addition to the functional equipment with shelves, refrigerated display cases and sales counters, the appealing design of the interior also plays an important role in attracting customers and encouraging them to buy. The farm shop container should also have sufficient light sources and ventilation options to create a pleasant shopping atmosphere. The exterior design of the container can also help to arouse the interest of potential customers and strengthen the brand image of the farm.

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