Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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General Questions

What dimensions are possible?
 Container sizes from 2.5 x 2.5 m to approximately 15 x 10 m are possible. Smaller/larger dimensions may also be possible under certain circumstances.

Are the containers stackable?
 No, not at the moment. This means multi-story container constructions are currently not possible.

Can multiple containers be connected to form a complex?
 Yes, multiple modules are prepared and connected on-site to form a complex (sealing and cassette cladding).

Is a building permit required?
 Since each federal state and municipality has its own regulations, we recommend that our customers inquire with the relevant building authority beforehand.

Can a container be used as a garage?
 Yes, but only with reinforced flooring and a suitably prepared base that must be fully supported.

Can the container be received without cladding?
 This is possible but must be clarified individually.

Can tiles be installed in the container?
 No. Due to the structural design, the floor slightly flexes, causing the grout to crack.

Are concealed installations possible?
 Yes, but only by the client's construction side (e.g., using OSB or plasterboard).

Can Risto provide sketches and proposals?
 After receiving an order, we are happy to provide sketches and proposals.

Can an opening for access to the existing building be prepared in the walls?
 Yes, according to customer specifications.

Transport / Unloading Questions

Is unloading with a forklift possible?
 Yes, but not recommended!

Can multi-module installations be relocated/disassembled later?
 No, as they are firmly connected and sealed together.

Finance Questions

Is leasing/financing possible?
 Yes, for example through our partner dlb Düsseldorf.

Can the containers be rented?
 No, purchase only is possible.

Questions about Sandwich Panels

Are other exterior colors possible?
 Yes, but for colors outside the spectrum of our color chart, we need to individually clarify if they are possible and if they have an additional cost.

Can anything be hung on the interior walls?
 Yes, but structurally limited to a maximum of 5 kg per m² (sandwich panels).

What fire behavior do the sandwich panels have?
 Walls: B-s1, d0
Roof: B-s2, d0

What fire resistance class do the sandwich panels have?
 Walls: EI 30
Roof: REI 30

What sound insulation do the sandwich panels have?
 Rw = 25 db (wall and roof).

Questions about the Foundation

What type of foundation is necessary?
 A compacted, load-bearing, and leveled bearing surface must be prepared.

How many support points does the container have?
 For each individual module (e.g., 6 x 3 m), there are 10 support points (30 x 30 cm) all around. Detailed support plan will be provided upon order confirmation.

Questions about Initial Equipment / Retrofitting

Can I install my own ceiling lights or electrical installation?
 Yes, we can prepare openings for supply lines according to customer specifications at no extra cost.

Is high-voltage power necessary for an air conditioning unit?
 No, a normal 16A / 230V power supply is sufficient.

Does Risto also lay/connect external electrical/water connections?
 We only prepare internal connections. All external lines must be carried out by the customer.

What colors are possible for windows and doors?
 Standard colors are Anthracite or White. Other colors are available upon request and at an additional cost.

Is a canopy possible?
 Yes, we have various options available upon request.

Is a gas heating system possible?
 No. We only offer electric heating systems from the factory.

Can Risto install a surveillance camera?
 No. We do not offer surveillance cameras, outdoor lights, or billboards from the factory.

Are electric roller shutters or electric doors possible?
 No. We only offer manual roller shutters and doors from the factory.

Can Risto retrofit air conditioning units?
 No, only by the customer.

Are skylights in the ceiling possible?

Can an awning be installed?
 No. It is not structurally possible.

Is a solar roof possible?
 No. It is not structurally possible.

Is a rooftop terrace / greenery possible?
 No, as the roof is not accessible except for installation work.

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